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NoteWorthy Virtual Concert 14

NoteWorthy Music Organization is proud to present our latest and 14th virtual concert for our our senior and community center audiences! This concert was distributed to 90+ senior and community centers all across the globe. This concert features a request from our viewers in Singapore, "Friends" by Emil Chau. If you would like to request a song to be performed by our member musicians, please to not hesitate to let us know.

Linked here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages is the concert program for this week's concert. Pieces performed include:

Caprice Espagnol By M. Moszkowski (Played by Brian J.)

Sarabande By J. S. Bach (Played by Bryan H.)

Koyunbaba Mvmt. 4 By C. Domeniconi (Played by Nabil S.)

Introduction and Tarantella By Sarasate (Played by Abby K.)

Friends By E. Chau (Played by Victor T.)

We hope all our viewers enjoy the concert. Please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter below to stay updated.

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